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Jaime Javier, also known by his artist moniker Lucius Felimus, is a professional architect and multi-disciplinary cyberpunk artist from Manila, Philippines trained in a wide assortment of digital art mediums including photography, photopainting, architectural design, 3D rendering, generative modeling, animation, glitch art, and font design.

Being an architect by trade, he specializes in worldbuilding environments, sceneries, and architecture of futuristic dystopian worlds - mostly based on a vision of Cyberpunk Manila - while incorporating elements of Philippine urban culture. 

He started his journey into the art scene in 2019 as a photographer with the goal of introducing the world to Metro Manila as the next cyberpunk megalopolis of the future by capturing its high-tech elements, dystopian sceneries, and neon aesthetics that comprise the urban fabric of the metropolis.

In 2021, after finding some success on Clean NFT platforms, he branched out into other art mediums to add more tools in his cyberpunk worldbuilding repertoire, having created worlds in SketchUp and Blender that depict cityscapes and architecture of the distant future. He also experiments with glitch art and generative art, in addition to designing futuristic-themed Baybayin fonts.

His photographs and digital artworks have been exhibited across international galleries in Hong Kong, Seoul, and New York City, as well as in metaverse virtual exhibitions.

Welcome to Cyberpunk Metro Manila!


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